Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Free "T" shirts from Circuit City

We went into Circuit City in two waves. First, a group of parents had a meeting with the store manager, and then the district manager. The rest our group started handing out flyers to those entering the store. Our message was simple. We didn't like Circuit City pitching war games to our children, and though it especially offensive to have a large number of Army recruiters all over the store encouraging kids to shoot up the enemy for fun. Of course, the recruiters got in on the discussion, explaining that they were serving as good role models and trying to teach a little patriotism.

We got the district manager's name and told her that we were going to complain in writing to corporate headquarters. That was the final straw. She said "out with everyone." We asked whether that meant the recruiters too, and she said yes.

On the way out, she said that she was against the war, that bringing them into the store was a terrible idea, and that she was sorry. We left with a load of free Circuit City "T" shirts that nobody really wanted.

Outside, the recruiters looked whipped and angry. One came up to us and said that he was a "hero" and that we were depriving young people of the chance to use him as a role model. When we suggested that we had other role models in mind for our kids, he got ugly. He called us "scum" and "cowards" and ended up shouting four letter words in front of the women and children. Cursing and threatening the parents' group with physical violence, the "hero" was lead away by his fellow recruiters.

So we had a big win at Circuit City. I want to thank everyone who came out, and especially Ashley who organized us and gave us some fighting spirit.

Also, I want to apologize for a bit too much fighting spirit on my part. I got carried away.