Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Door to door for peace...

Diane, Nick, Karen and I went out in pairs and knocked on doors yesterday as part of the "Million Doors for Peace" project sponsored by several national peace organizations, including our own "parent" group, Peace Action. It was a beautiful day to go for a walk in a nice neighborhood, around the Fellowship.

We got a lot of people not home or not answering, and it seemed like about equal numbers of people who answered agreeing or disagreeing....We wound up getting signatures of other household members who wanted to express their desire to end the war, but I don't know if those signatures will even be used. I entered our results online just now, and there's only a space for a response for the actual name on the list. I emailed a question about other names and am awaiting a reply.

Personally, I don't like going door to door and probably wouldn't want to do it again. However, I think we did some good, as it got people thinking about the war. Even the ones who weren't home found some literature waiting for them on their arrival.