Friday, October 24, 2008

Dutchess CC denies peace and vets table

I talked to Mike Weida (845 431-8054) today and he relayed Dean Sandra Holtz's position that only colleges and military recruiters are allowed on campus. The reason? Both types of organizations are employment related. A table by the Dutchess County Peace Coalition and the Veterans For Peace would only be seeking unpaid recruits. Therefore, it will not be allowed.

We talked briefly about the need to have two points of view on campus. I reviewed the fact that almost 70% of the population is now against the Iraq occupation, and that parents might not be happy to learn that Dutchess Community College provides free access to military recruiters while eliminating any other point of view. As a veteran, I consider that a dangerous environment for students. As a parent, I wouldn't put up with it.

In fact, a number of local high schools now allow us to table inside schools. It is hard to believe that Dutchess Community College offers less exposure to intellectual diversity than the average high school.

We hope that Dean Holtz will reconsider her decision. Ideas can be threatening. But the absence of ideas in an institution of higher learning is downright dangerous, both to students and to our democracy.


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