Saturday, February 4, 2012

After last month, we were afraid that our space at the Crafted Kup would be too small. But this showing of "The Corporation" was just about perfect in size, 30 people. This is a shot again before the movie started.

722 Dutchess Turnpike (opposite the Adam's Store)


-We contacted the CVS store manager by letter and then I talked to her by phone.

-She repeated that store managers cannot dictate what is sold at their stores, but agreed to contact her district manager about the sale of Dead Sea products by CVS.

-I said that we would do a boycott action at the beginning of February. Dutchess Peace decided on Saturday, Feb. 4.

Here is why we think that CVS should stop carrying these products:

The word Ahava may mean love, but Ahava cosmetics represent anything but.  They’re manufactured in Israel's illegal* West Bank settlement of Mitzepe Shalem and made with minerals literally stolen from the Palestinian people. Selling products produced in illegal settlements helps finance the destruction of hope for a just and peaceful future for both Palestinians and Israelis.

CVS should stop selling Ahava, as well as other products made in Israel's illegal settlements. These include L'Oreal's Natural Sea Beauty, Dead Sea Salt Foot Soak, and Swisa Beauty Esensuals. Ask this CVS store manager to contact corporate headquarters about these products. Or make a call yourself to 401 765-1500 (request Customer Relations). You can make a difference in bringing peace to the Middle East.

* Under international law, it is illegal for an occupying power (like the Israeli government) to move its citizens onto the land it is occupying and to exploit for profit that land’s natural resources.