Monday, May 14, 2012

Happy Mother's Day, everyone! Today Nick, Karen, Jenn, Ari, Ashley, Gabe, and I handed out flowers and flyers at the Walkway along with some members of Arts for Peace: David, Deirdre (sp.?), their son Lucas, and Emily.

We started just outside the gate of the Walkway and were there for maybe 45 minutes (not sure how long) when we were told to leave. Long story short, we retreated to where the path splits and goes to the unpaved parking lot on Parker Avenue. Many people were delighted with the flowers and interested in the history of the Mother's Day proclamation. Having babies and dogs around made it more fun for everyone. We wound up leaving at about 4:30, having given away all but 3 of the flower pots and most of the flyers. It was a beautiful day weather-wise and except for a somewhat nasty encounter with the person in charge who told us to leave, it was peaceful as well.

I'm attaching three photos here and will attach three more in a separate email.  Hopefully Jenn can forward to her AFP list and Fred can post to the web site as
he sees fit.

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